As a social assistance - housing benefit or Hartz IV recipient, you should not earn any additional income.



Why? So that your income is not immediately withdrawn from the welfare state of Germany. Losses from stock exchange trading, for example, are not offset. This means that you cannot earn any additional income and, in the worst case, you can only pay extra. The state takes it upon itself to withhold any additional income generated.

If you get the idea that you can get 10% here and 10% there with small amounts of stock trading and maybe be successful with small stakes, that is a very bad idea. Even if you are successful, the welfare state in Germany simply takes away the profits.

So if you belong to the lowest caste in Germany, you don't even need to try to supplement your income. You just get pulled. Capitalism is different. Germany acts anti-capitalist and communist with these laws.

100 euros Mini job is allowed.

Before the state holds out its hand, it usually grants an additional income of around EUR 100; a month, after that come big prints.

Here you will find e.g. a link to Hartz 4.

Hartz-4 additional earnings 2022 ➟ What are you allowed to earn extra? (

With housing benefit you may currently 2022 100 € Earn extra credit-free per year. One trade a year is usually sufficient for this.

The Buy and Hold method, for example, is suitable for this, where you e.g. 2k € invested in a value and relocated after a year. With the current inflation of about 7% in 2022, the values ​​will grow automatically. There are 100 euros Allowance not much. With Hartz 4, on the other hand, it is 100 euros. a month, so mini trades could be worthwhile to earn a little capital.

Only in-official work earns foreign currency. Officially working is not worth it in Germany, 2022.

Undeclared work makes you a bit freer and is worth it, you shouldn't go the public way if you want to keep your money.

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If you are in the lowest caste, you can only get foreign currency illegally. It is best to store them as gold. Diamonds are difficult to trade back because of the difficulty in selling them.

You can exchange the gold for cash at any pawn shop or eBay and it doesn't take up as much space as cash.

If you should decide to invest your black money in cryptocurrencies, we can heartily recommend the tried and tested hardware wallets.

hardware wallet - search (

Building in Cuba with Che Geuvara face. Communism is widespread in Germany and was promoted by many immigrants to Kommunal level introduced and democracy abolished. Now all municipal institutions work socialist-communist and elections are only for the presentation in Germany.