Tips for aspiring millionaires or at least try it.


Tips for aspiring millionaires or those who already are.


Tip 1


Consider a clearly defined goal.

Every self-made millionaire has a clearly defined goal in terms of his lifestyle, his relationships, his education. And every millionaire knows exactly why he wants or needs to achieve this goal or these goals.


Tip 2

Look forward to your goal.

The defined goal must be linked to positive emotions. This leads to an absolute will.
Actually, it's quite simple: if people planned their lives like their holidays, 90 percent would be done. Because most people know exactly what you want: a great hotel, luxury or adventure, car rental or bike. And that's what you're working towards, setting everything in the same way so that you can experience as much as possible what you've imagined. 


Tip 3

Don't think about problems first - think of solutions.

Most millionaires are solution-oriented: they know exactly what is positive and where they want to go.
It is important to move towards this goal and not to think first about what could go wrong along the way. This moves away from the essential seam: it is simply the wrong signal to imagine a possible failure and the consequences of it.

After all, those who focus on the problem are just as well advised as a motorist who only looks in the rear-view mirror, but not forwards. Problems must be identified and named. And then we think: what is the solution? Where should it go? What needs to be done better to solve the problem?

So the clear focus is on what should happen. And not on something you don't want! Just as the motorist looks forward through the windshield onto the road, instead of constantly losing sight of the target when looking in the rear-view mirror.


Tip 4

Take personal responsibility.

Some people always ask themselves in advance why things don't go and who is to blame. But they are responsible for their lives and financial situation. Your account balance is your own fault, it is the result of your action. Everyone should be aware of this.


Tip 5

Get an overview of your finances.

Most people don't have an overview of their finances. But: All rich and successful people have this overview. You really have to work it out for yourself, a tax adviser is not really a help.
Everyone should know what expenditure they have to spend and when. An annual recurring invoice (current items) should not really surprise anyone negatively. 


Tip 6

Link your attitude to money with positive emotions.

There is a lot of negative swaying with the possession of (cash) money. Everyone can test this on their own. Those who carry a lot of money are afraid of losing it, being robbed or spending it directly. An emotional roller coaster begins. And why? After all, nothing bad happens if I carry money with me and keep it.
Most of our actions are beyond our consciousness and controlled by the subconscious. If the subject of money is negativein the subconscious, our actions will also unconsciously lead to having no money, because the subconscious ensures that we avoid negative things.
But owning money doesn't mean hoarding it. Here' is to invest your surplus to increase.


Tip 7

Believe in yourself.

With the attitude: is far too complicated, I don't understand anything about that, etc. You don't get far.

Instead, try to believe in yourself, even in the most difficult situations.

If you believe in yourself, the simple things succeed in the blink of an eye and even in difficult situations you will always find a solution.

With enough self-confidence, everything succeeds.


Tip 8

Ensure multiple sources of income

It's not enough just to spend time exchanging money, just like most jobs a year. It is important to learn how to make money when you are not going to work. A surplus should therefore not, for example, flow into an apartment that only benefits me. Because it doesn't bring me any profit every month. An apartment that I rent on, but already. Added to this is the increase in value that I can achieve on later sales.
And then there is the Internet: it is worth creating a website with shop and automated full film/shipping. An investment of, for example, 10,000 euros quickly brings in a multiple of the costs as sales through the sale of the goods and, for example, makes 50,000 euros profit per year.
Even a website that sells a video course with a problem solving can be very profitable, as experience shows. Once set up, this website finally sells the service to customers even if the owner of the website itself is not actively working on it.
When a source of income dries up, it doesn't have to drive you around. And when half breaks away, the other 50 percent of the sources of income must be enough to live on.


Tip 9

Dangers on the Internet.
On the Internet can be well earned money but the dangers lurk on the hand. Scammer, Hacker and DDoS are the order of the day.

However, the handling of illegal goods via the Internet can also bring a lot of money, the penalties for a accumulated million are low and if you hide the money well you can usually look forward to your millions after 4-7 years.


Tip 10


It is important to rationalise the way out of unnecessary costs. The more you have, the higher the cost, so it's important to keep reducing costs. Unnecessary costs can be a Netflix subscription that you hardly use or the far too expensive leasing car just to maintain its status.

Those who do not keep an eye on their costs and consistently reduce them consistently, are threatened with insolvency.


Tip 11

Expansion of revenue streams.

If there is something left of the hard-earned money at the end of the month, it should be invested in new revenue.

But beware of false investments. Many just want your money claws.


Tip 12

Never rely on friends or others.

Instead, trust only yourself. Even your best friend can become an opponent for an euro.

In addition, many professional idiots populate the world. They think they can do everything perfectly, but when it comes down to it, you're gone.


Tip 13

Hunger for knowledge.

They should always be hungry for new knowledge, because knowledge is power.

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