Will there ever be working trading bots for the masses?


Trading bots are becoming increasingly popular. But will it be possible to create a product for the masses by means of artificial intelligence?

Most stock trading is already determined by trading bots. What then does it look like when even semi-skilled computer models are added by means of AI ?

The source codes of many trading bots can sometimes even be found source open on the Internet. Most, however, always need further optimizations to be profitable. This is how you can't make ends meet with a simple trading bot these days. The right hardware also plays a role.


Artificial intelligence can make everything completely different, so millions of users would be able to rely on profitable trading bots. But the money always has to come from somewhere and so in the future trading by bots will become more and more a gamble. Who comes first bakes first. Even the problem of hardware is no longer in times of exascale computing and fiber optic lines. This where in the past only the very large access had, will now also be possible for the masses by means of AI. 

The Bitcoin hype has spawned a number of trading platforms and many traders will fall by the wayside when it comes to zero latency for trading bots.

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