Hidden viruses in Google Ads.



Anyone who runs a website will probably have the same problem as me.

I'm trying to place advertising for my portals via Google Ads, unfortunately these websites are monetized with AdSense advertising.

Unfortunately, Google Ads is blocking all my advertising campaigns because Google AdSense is delivering malware.

My pages themselves do not contain any viruses and the only advertising banners come from Google AdSense itself. These must contain viruses.

I'm already trying to filter out dubious advertising through AdSense and the download banners have been removed, but Google AdSense is a virus slingshot.

The viruses are also detected by Google itself on my site. But instead of the banners being deleted, my site is simply blocked. Totally logical and the virus banners are still in the advertising network ;)

In short:

Google detects viruses in its Google Ads network.

Google does not block these viruses.

Google is blocking the reporting option instead.

I don't know if this is intentional or just a bug, but it's not normal.

Hacker with 0 and 1 lots of 0 and 1 binary numbers in green.