How can I generate money on the Internet or Real Life Micromoney ?


Answer surveys.

Especially students, but also many other people earn a small pocket money through surveys. This money is really easy earned, because you usually only have to cross and write maximum short response sets. The disadvantage of this additional source of income is that the earnings are low. Those who want to make money easily and also become rich in the process must unfortunately be disappointed. There are usually only a few cents per survey that go to a virtual account. Even after years of work, there is often only a small profit in the end.

Surveys are undoubtedly among the simpler activities. However, it should always be borne in mind that the revenue generated by this is very small.


Write texts.

If your spelling and grammar are firmly in the saddle and have no problem expressing yourself in writing, you as a copywriter can make money relatively easily. The spelling checker can use free online tools such as .B. Duden.

There are countless platforms on the Internet where orders are placed. But beware: it's not all gold that shines. Especially inexperienced copywriters often have to settle for almost ridiculous word prices and punch the keys for hours before the financial goal of the day has been reached. However, those who stay on the ball continuously and thus attract ever more lucrative orders on land can improve the account balance by writing.

In order to earn something by the way with the writing, of course there must be a certain basic talent. If this is the case, you can build a very worthwhile business.

Clickworking or crowdworking.

Clickworking works according to a similar principle to answering surveys. You get little money for many small tasks. Here, it is clear that mass rather than class. If you want to make money easily and are considering clickworking, you have several options that can be roughly divided into two areas.

Clickworking via online platforms such as .B or clickworking using apps. The tasks you have to perform in the course of clickworking are extremely versatile. They range from creating short texts and simple photos to researching opening hours to testing vending machines, etc. This variety ensures that you want to work both online and travel in the analog world, depending on what you care more about and seems more rewarding.

Clickworking can be lucrative at some point – if you really get your act together and invest a lot of time. You ultimately have to decide for yourself whether the effort and yield are in a good relationship with each other.

Selling things

Ebay, flea markets, dress circles, classifieds, local Facebook sales groups, there are countless ways to get rid of old, no longer needed or unloved things and thus easily make money. But when you get rid of everything you no longer need, it doesn't just make your wallet happy. It also creates a very positive and liberating feeling, which often gives you the momentum and motivation for new projects.

Selling personal items is a particularly effective way for you if you want to easily make money. Once all the items and garments have been inspected, it's basically just waiting. A particularly fun way to get rid of the old cremation is the flea market stand. When haggling, you can not only improve your sales skills, but also meet many exciting people and listen to their stories.

Generating passive income

What does that sound like? You create a (possibly digital) product and make this money for you without your intervention. Pretty good, right? But also almost too good to be true? Not! Because if you manage to generate a passive income, that's exactly what's the case. The money goes to your account without you having to do anything about it.

However, if you want to make money easily with a passive income, some preparatory work is always necessary. What this means in concrete terms depends to a large extent on the product you want to sell.

Once the digital product has been created and sales have been fully automated, the passive income principle is excellent for making money easily and improving the account balance "slightly". Some people have even refined and optimized the concept to such an extent that they can only (or for the most part) live on a passive income.

Blood donation.

Blood donation is a nice thing, for which a certain amount of compensation is often paid. Blood is always needed, especially if your blood group is 0. Blood can be donated in university clinics and hospitals. The only conditions are that you are between the ages of 18 and 68 and have no mental illnesses and do not consume drugs or alcohol. The blood donation usually takes a few minutes. Blood can be donated up to ten times a year.

Subject for clinical trials.

An excellent way to make quite good money is to become a subject at research institutes. It is not uncommon for a few hundred to thousand euros to be paid out to participants in such a clinical trial. However, before you can participate, you will need to pass a comprehensive health check. Some of these studies are completed on an outpatient basis, while others are completed within a few hours. However, there are also studies that require an inpatient stay.

Closing remarks.

As you can see, there are really many different ways to make extra money. Which paths are easy and which are difficult always depends a bit on the subjective assessment and perception. In general, however, it must be stated that it does not work without work. Anyone who wants to tell you something to the contrary is most likely a neck-cutter. Success is not waiting for you, but wants to be worked out.

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